The Global Energy Prize Laureates' Week
The 17th Global Energy Prize Laureates' Week took place in Moscow from October 1st to October 5th, 2019.

The Association annually holds a number of events with the participation of the Global Energy Prize laureates, the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee members and leading experts of the energy industry.

This year the events of the Global Energy Prize Laureate's Week were organized at several venues in Moscow: at the Russian Energy Week International Forum, at the TASS press center and leading universities in Moscow.

Traditionally, key events were the Global Energy Prize Award Ceremony, the gala reception in honour of the laureates, meeting of the International Award Committee and the official press conference at the TASS Press Centre. The Global Energy Association held its own session 'Mission possible: scientific response to universal energy challenges' within the framework of the business programme of Russian Energy Week International Forum and delegated its experts to participate in key discussions.

The Global Energy Prize annually honors outstanding achievements in energy research and technology from around the world that are helping address the world's various and pressing energy challenges.

According to IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence, the Global Energy Prize is one of TOP-99 international academic awards with the highest prestige and significance. It is the only award from Russia included in the IREG list. Moreover, the Global Energy Prize is included in the official list of the International Congress of Distinguished Awards (ICDA). In ICDA prestige rating the Global Energy Prize is in the category of "Mega Awards" for its laudable goals, exemplary practices and the overall prize fund.
The mission of the Global Energy Prize
The 2019 Global Energy Prize Laureates
In 2019, the prestigious award goes to scientists from the USA and Denmark
Khalil Amine (USA)
Professor Khalil Amine - renowned expert and the most cited scientist in the world on the topic of accumulator batteries. He is awarded within "new ways of energy application" nomination.

His research is related to the new cathodes and anodes for lithium-ion batteries, development of new liquid-polymer electrolyte systems, lithium-oxygen, lithium-sulfur, sodium-ion batteries and many more. He stood at the origins of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 5-volt spinel cathode, which is being now actively and internationally introduced into power systems.

NMC cathode is considered to be the scientist's major accomplishment. At present, it is widely used in household electric appliances and in electric vehicles such as Chevy Volt, Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf, Fiat Chrysler, BMW I3 and I8, Ford, Toyota, Honda and Hyundai.
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Frede Blaabjerg (Denmark)
Frede Blaabjerg - renowned expert in Power Electronics, became the laureate in the "non-traditional energy" nomination.

The scientist is an author of a number of inventions in the field of variable speed drive technology. Today they are regularly applied in wind turbines, and allow for rational generation of electricity, saving tens of millions of dollars a year.

Dr. Blaabjerg is the most quoted author among all engineering scientists of the world.
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Video presentations of the 2019 Global Energy Prize laureates
Khalil Amine (USA)

Frede Blaabjerg (Denmark)

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